Numbers Count!

55 min.

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Wonder of the Day #1114

Why Do Measurements Matter?


Understand the value of math class

Big Idea

We use math and numbers every day to manage our lives

Students will read along to Bookflix titles available from INFOhio:

Everyone Uses Math

  • By Brian Sargent
  • Grades: 1-2; Ages: 6-7
  • Lexile Level: 570
  • Description: Introduces readers to the many people who use math in their daily lives.

    Math in the Neighborhood
  • By Ellen Weiss
  • Grades: 1–2; Ages: 6–7
  • Lexile Level: 470
  • Description: In the book, Math in the Neighborhood, students will learn how mathematics is used in everyday life. Whether you are building a house, walking to school, or taking public transportation, math is somehow involved. Important vocabulary words are in boldface for students and some math problems are also included.

Students walk to the library from their school. What numbers are important to students to help them find their way to the library?

Inside the library, books are arranged on shelves by letters and numbers that are part of the Library of Congress classification system.

Class will be broken into four groups challenged to find the four books shelved in the Cleveland Public Library Brooklyn Branch.

Optional* teachers may time the activity to see which group finds the book first.

With book in hand- students will review parts of the book and using numbers to find content in the book

Phillis Wheatley-
Benjamin Franklin pg. 18 (London)

Presidents -
Haiti pg. 60 (Clinton)

Spiders -
Jumping pg 14 (can leap 40x their body length)

Tough Trucks -
Monster pg. 28

For fun, students will play Math Madness by SheppardSoftware

Additional resources:

Amazing Visual Math