Ordered Pairs

62 min.

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Grade Standards Subjects Topics
K K.RL.LCS.10.2. ELA Reading – Literary Text (RL)
K K.RV.1.1. ELA READING: Vocabulary
K K.RI.P.4.1. ELA Reading – Informational Text (RI)
K K.RI.MC.6.1. ELA Reading – Informational Text (RI)
K ELA Language Benchmarks K-5
K K.RI.LCS.9.1. ELA Reading – Informational Text (RI)
K K.RV.3.1. ELA READING: Vocabulary
K K.RV.3.2. ELA READING: Vocabulary
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  • Students will calculate distance from one point to another.
  • Students will calculate distance with time to determine destination point arrival.

Big Idea

  • How can a coordinate plane be used to determine ordered pairs?
  • How does mathematics help us in our daily lives?

Warm Up/Anticipatory Students will view the video: Plotting a Point (ordered pair)


  • Teacher will divide class into four groups.
  • Teacher will give each group a city map.
  • Students will overlay city map on coordinate plane.
  • Groups will label the x-axis, y-axis and point of origin.
  • Groups will calculate the distance from the point of origin/starting point to the planned first water stop.
  • Students will also calculate rate/distance times time ran to determine how long it will it will take to get to the next stopping point.
  • Formative Assessment: Students will write on an index card, step by step directions on how to graph given points on a coordinate plane.
  • Teacher will review cards and based on responses determine who needs additional help.