Panda Lessons

30 min.

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Wonder of the Day #1233

Why Are Pandas Rare?


A lesson that can be adapted to all grade levels exploring pandas in the wild and fictionalized panda stories. Refer to Wonderopolis #1233

Big Idea

Preschool craft Is anything really black or white?? :) The Book Please, Mr. Panda - presents a panda, penguin, skunk, ostrich, orca whale and a lemur.

Invite kids to name all of the animals they can think of that start with the letter "P" - then all of the animals they can think of that are also "black and white"

Read one fiction and one non-fiction book about pandas. See the book list included below - Pandas are intriguing animals. The first book - Zen Shorts by Jon J Muth gets the thought process going. It's a classic!

Ask kids to remember where pandas are found in the wild, what do they eat, name a predator that preys on pandas. What is a lesson learned from one of the fictional panda stories?