Perennial or Annual?

60 min.

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Students will become familiar with the similarities and differences between seeds and bulbs. They will also have an opportunity to learn first hand about gardening and planting.

Big Idea

Plants grow from a variety of sources. Not all plants come from seeds.

Place daffodil bulbs(5) in a paper bag(one per bag) and have students use only their sense of touch to describe what is in the bag. Record describing words on a chart for later.

Reveal the bulbs in the bag and have students share any prior knowledge that they have about bulbs and/or gardening.

Cut open the bulbs length wise and have students investigate, discuss and record what they observe. Connect to word chart created in warm up. Add any new words that connect to the learning.

Have student draw and label the different parts of the bulb. Create a bulb life cycle drawing and explain what is happening at each stage. Use Wonder #235 as a referent.

Read through Wonder of Day #235 to add new knowledge and check for understanding of new vocabulary.