Rules of Awesomeness

75 min.

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Wonder of the Day #1714

Why Do We Have Rules?


I can contribute to my classroom community.

I can collaborate with my classmates.

I can create "rules" that keep everyone safe and productive.

Big Idea

The class will work together to establish classroom rules that all can live by.

Show your students the Kid President Video: and ask them to write down some of the "rules for awesomeness" that he shares. You may even choose to show it twice so students can get more of the information.

In small groups, ask students to read together Wonder of the Day #1714 Why do we have rules?

Then ask students to brainstorm "Rules for Awesomeness" that they would like to be a part of the classroom this year. Have them choose their top 3 rules to share with the class.

Bring the class back together to share. Lead the class in categorizing the rules into groups. It is likely that nearly all the rules will group into larger concepts like "Be Kind" and "Work Hard".

Have the students create small posters that reflect the "Rules of Awesomeness" that have been agreed to. Post them in the classroom and refer to them often.

Have students sign their names to the "Rules of Awesomeness" in a ceremonial manner to emphasize the promise they are making to themselves and their classmates to make this an awesome year.

Celebrate with another video by the Minions that shows many of the classroom rules they probably included in their list.