Symbols, Signs and Flags

110 min.

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Wonder of the Day #492

When Is a State Not a State?

Grade Standards Subjects Topics
K L.K.6. ELA Language Standards
K 3.1. ELA Literary Text: Comprehension and Analysis
K 4.1. ELA Writing: Informational, Research and Persuasive Texts
K K.I.4.3. ELA Inquiry-Based Literacy Standards (I)
K L.K.5.c. ELA Language Standards
K W.K.8. ELA Writing Standards
K RI.K.8. ELA Reading Standards for Informational Text
K RF.K.4. ELA Foundational Skills
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Students will learn about mottos, symbols and state flags.

Big Idea

Why do states have a flag, symbols and mottos?

Read aloud the book: The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps!

  • Students will randomly select a state (states are printed on slips of paper and drawn out of a paper bag)
  • Students will research their state.
  • Students will work independently and design a new state flag, create a new motto, and a new symbol for their selected state.
  • Students will write a paper accompanying their state based on their new creation. The paper must explain the flag, the selected colors, symbol, motto, and significance of selections to the state.
  • Students will add pictures, their motto and symbol to a multimedia slide as part of a whole class project.

Students will share their newly designed flags and orally share about the flag, motto and symbols of their choice within a small group. Each student will have 3 minutes to present within their small group.