Tackling Tall Tales

110 min.

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Students will be able to analyze and explain central ideas or themes of text using key supporting details and digital media. [RL.2.2, RL 3.2, SL.K.5, SL.K1.5, SL2.5, SL.3.5, SL.4.5, SL.5.5]

Big Idea

Why was exaggeration used to tell stories?

  • Have students make predictions about the text and record their predictions in their journal.
  • Engage students with the reading of the book John Henry by Ezra Jack Keats via https://youtu.be/AsEGhBsMO4s
  • Discuss key vocabulary terms: exaggeration, tale, legend

  1. Students will write three wonders about tall tales on the Inquiring Minds chart.
  2. Students will write the big question in the center of their Inquiring Minds chart.
  3. In groups, students will investigate other tall tales and legends to verify their wonders.
  4. Students will record on their chart any new wonders.
  5. Students will record notes and key supporting details from their investigations/answers to their wonders in their journals.
  6. Each group will use their Inquiring Minds chart and notes to discuss their research with the class.
  7. Students will create their own tall tale.
  8. Each group’s tall tale will be recorded using digital media and shared with an authentic audience.

Each student will respond in their journal to the big question.