'Tis the Season for Giving

45 min.

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Students will research the potential benefits of giving to others.

Students will present their research findings to a small group and evaluate each other's research.

Big Idea

Through an exploration of the idea that giving is beneficial to the giver, students will use research skills and present to a group of peers. They will then evaluate each other's research. This will tie in to the holiday season nicely while tapping into academic standards and skills.

To begin, students will consider the following questions from the Wonder of the Day #800:

  • Is it really better to give than to receive?
  • Does giving have health benefits?
  • What gift can you give someone this holiday season?

In the writer's notebook, students will record their thoughts in response to the questions and then share with an elbow partner. If time allows, students will share aloud.

Students will begin by reading one of the following articles related to this topic:

Strategy Suggestion: Group students in threes, giving each student in the group a different article. Each student will read the article, making notes about the main points and the important details to share with the group that will answer the question of the day, which is "Is it Better to Give than to Receive?" Then, each will share their findings in a one-minute share out.

Once all students have read the initial articles, they will use devices to check out one of the following sites, or another one that they believe to be credible:





When they are on the sites, they should research the question of the day and find at least one article to make notes on that relates to the topic. This should be documented properly with citation information and should be ready to share with their small group. A sample protocol for this is attached to this lesson.

For review and assessment, students should share their independent research with their small group and evaluate one of their classmates using the rating system above. They should submit this to you for assessment; check to be sure that they can accurately find an article related to the question of the day, determine its key points, and articulate how it answers the QOTD. Student evaluations of each other will serve as the assessment of the S/L standard.