Weather to Race

57 min.

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Wonder of the Day #81

What Is a Dog Sled?

Grade Standards Subjects Topics
K K.RV.3.1. ELA READING: Vocabulary
K K.RV.3.2. ELA READING: Vocabulary
K K.RV.1.1. ELA READING: Vocabulary
K 110.11 (F) ELA Figure 19 TAC, Reading/Comprehension Skills Kindergarten
K ELA Reading Benchmarks: Informational Text K-5
K ELA Reading Benchmarks: Literature K-5
K K.RI.P.4.1. ELA Reading – Informational Text (RI)
K K.RL.LCS.10.2. ELA Reading – Literary Text (RL)
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Students will compare and contrast landforms, temperature, sunrise, or sunset for their current city to that of Anchorage, Alaska.

Big Idea

How important is the weather forecast on this (or any) race day?

Students will be introduced to this famous dog sled race by viewing WOD #81.

  • The teacher will divide the class into four groups
  • Each group will pick an investigation card to determine their research focus.
  • Students will use the Weather to Race handout to compare and contrast their current city to that of Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Each student will record his/her findings.
  • Based on their findings, students will create a weather forecast skit.
  • Students will produce a video using Green Screen technology to share their report.

Student groups will present a two minute weather forecast/report for the Iditarod Race Day.