What is a sunfish?

45 min.

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Wonder of the Day #1646

Where Do Sunfish Live?


Students will become more familiar with this amazing ocean creature.

Big Idea

Reading non-fiction text and watching videos can enable all learners to discover the wonders of the ocean.

Watch video for the Wonder of the Day

Look for any challenging vocabulary in the text and use the hover feature to provide information as needed. Do as a class or in small groups.

Use the See, Think, Wonder investigation model to gain information on Sunfish.

What do you see? St. record on activity sheet.

What do you think the ideas or information included? Oral discussion or written recording.

What do you still wonder About Sunfish? St. record their wonders on the activity sheet.

Use the built in quiz at the end of the Wonder.

Have a class discussion on what was learned. Share ideas and wonders.