What makes your body move?

60 min.

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K K.RN.1.1. ELA READING: Nonfiction
K K.RF.1.1. ELA READING: Foundations
K K.4.a) Math Number and Number Sense
K K.1.c) Science Virginia 2010 Science Standards of Learning
K K.RN.2.1. ELA READING: Nonfiction
K K.RN.2.2. ELA READING: Nonfiction
K K.RV.1.1. ELA READING: Vocabulary
K K.RN.4.1. ELA READING: Nonfiction
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Students will be able to identify the importance of muscles so they can understand how body systems work together by researching muscles and making a life size diagram.

Big Idea

How does the muscular system affect the whole body?

Show a clip of America Ninja Warrior--if you are not familiar it is a NBC show that follows participants on an obstacle course that requires extreme physical strength.

Possible clip: (Search America Ninja Warrior on Youtube and NBC has lots more published).

Read the WOD 1207: What is the strongest muscle? Allow students to predict before reading. Highlight key vocabulary.

Explore more specifically using: https://www.ducksters.com/science/muscles.php

Have students trace one member of the group (working in pairs or 3), label major muscles on the body.

https://www.ducksters.com/science/muscles.php Has a diagram for students to reference.

Assign each group a muscle to specifically highlight. Have group list 2-3 facts for their respective muscle. Complete a gallery walk so that all students can see the facts about the various muscles and their impact on the human body.