Wonder Poems and Seesaw

55 min.

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Students will explore and explain their curiosities by searching Wonderopolis.org, showcasing their learning through a poem and sharing on Seesaw.com.

Big Idea

Students write poetry based on non-fiction text.

Read aloud I Wonder By Annaka Harris. Discuss as a class what students noticed and wondered. Have students make connections to their own lives.

1.) Students write 2-3 wonderings on a post-it.

2.) Either independently or in partners, students choose one of their wonderings to explore on Wonderopolis.com.

3.) Students will read the wonder they chose.

4.) Students will choose from the list of poetry (* Haiku * 3-word poem * found poem * 5-senses * Acrostic * Who, What, When, Where, Why * Blackout * Limerick) to write a poem about their wonder and what they learned.

Once they have written their poem, students will complete the following activity on Seesaw.com:

1. Tap the add button.

2. Tap thetool to add your poem.

3. Tap the drawing tool to add your images to support your poem. **Be sure to include the authors, wonder question, and wonder number.**

4. Tap the and record your poem.

5. Tap the green check to add to your journal.

Once students have submitted their assignment on Seesaw.com, set aside time for them to give at least 3 classmates Purposeful Feedback (* compliment, * connection, * question).