Wondertron Welcome Package

90 min.

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Wonder of the Day #68

Is There Life On Other Planets?

Grade Standards Subjects Topics
K RF.K.4. ELA Foundational Skills
K L.K.5.c. ELA Language Standards
K L.K.6. ELA Language Standards
K RI.K.8. ELA Reading Standards for Informational Text
K RI.K.4. ELA Reading Standards for Informational Text
K RI.K.1. ELA Reading Standards for Informational Text
K RI.K.2. ELA Reading Standards for Informational Text
K [3] SA1.1. Science Science as Inquiry and Process (SA1, SA2, SA3)
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Students will produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience by sending a "welcome package" to residents of Wondertron in the form of a GoogleSlide.

Big Idea

How do authors write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly?

Students will quickly journal if they believe there is life on other planets. After 3 minutes, students will share and debate their position.

Teacher will instruct students to read Wonder #68, "Is There Life on Other Planets?" Students will work with a partner to read, discuss, and watch the video of the wonder. Together, student partners will complete the "Try It" section of the Wonder #68. Students may use GoogleSlides to create their Wondertron Welcome Package.


Imagine astronomers have discovered friendly beings on a distant planet called Wondertron. They would like to send a “welcome package" from Earth to the residents of Wondertron, and you have been recruited as a representative of America to help decide what to send.

The welcome package should include:

What would your welcome package contain? Write a brief description of what you would send to the aliens of Wondertron.

* Three items that represent modern life in America

* Three news stories about important moments in American history

* Three foods that represent American culture

* Three miscellaneous items of your choice

* Three descriptions of unique Earthling habits (examples: birthday parties, spelling bees, having pets, collecting seashells, dancing, parades, building snowmen)

Students will present their GoogleSlide presentations to the class. In addition, teacher will create a document linking all the students presentations to share with Wonderopolis and on Twitter.