Krissy Pierce

Joined Feb 29, 2016

  • Location: Mundelein, Illinois
  • Organization: West Oak Middle School
  • Grade: 5th , 6th , 7th , 8th
  • Environment: I support teachers in 5-8 classrooms to provide resources and instruction with learners of all types. Our highly diverse students makes every day memorable and WONDERful! Our kids are full of questions and promise of bright futures!
  • Biography: I love literacy and am a saavy tech user, so I am always looking for ways to strategically blend the two. Wonderopolis is my favorite way! The interactive features of the website paired with the high quality of the text provide any reader with an excellent resource for WONDERful thinking.

    I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education with an English minor. I have completed coursework for ELL, literacy, and curriculum and instruction. I am currently working to complete a Master's degree in Educational Technology Leadership. I have taught first, third, fifth and sixth grade, before working as an Instructional Facilitator working to support teachers with their work towards student achievement. I am about to begin my new role as Instructional Technology Media Specialist!
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