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Susan Hellard Nov 7, 2017

Nov 7, 2017

Wonderopolis: An Unexpected Community Builder

Is this the time of year that we all feel bogged down and busy, or is that another time of year? I simply cannot remember! However, I have made a conscious decision to not let all the noise and outside negativity get to me. I have to keep my focus ...

Lisa Silmser Oct 4, 2017

Oct 4, 2017

Birthday Controversies

My school district has a Wellness Policy that strongly encourages the teachers to enforce restrictions on classroom treats and candy. The intention is a good one for the overall health of ours students. The unintended consequence however, has been a ...

Carol Varsalona Sep 20, 2017

Sep 20, 2017

Engaging Families and Communities in Student Learning

Stress and harmonic imbalance at home can decrease student's ability to enjoy school and perform to the best of their abilities. So what can we, as educators do? -Laura Hill, moderator of #whatisschool Please join #whatisschool on September 21, ...

Lisa Silmser Aug 5, 2017

Aug 5, 2017

A Foundation of Community

I've been doing some research this summer on how important it is to build community in a classroom and in a school. When people feel like they belong and have connections to others in a group they are more productive, healthier and have a greater ...

Laura McShane Apr 26, 2017

Apr 26, 2017

Community Helpers - Ayudantes de mi comunidad

Cleveland Public Library and the Greater Cleveland Safety Council will host information tables at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - the objective will be to help families identify safety resources in their community. Our ...

NCFL Aug 26, 2016

Aug 26, 2016

Louisville library taps into the spirit of the Olympics to finish Camp Wonderopolis®

Six libraries across the nation were awarded $1,500 grants, NCFL training, and Youth and Family Campsite Kits to implement Camp Wonderopolis programming this summer, thanks to generous support from Better World Books. These libraries provided Maker ...

Kim Martin Jun 5, 2016

Jun 5, 2016

Revisiting the Wonder

I’ve been an inclusive technology specialist and digital technology consultant for several years and this year I’ve decided to return to the classroom part time. Whilst you may think teaching would be like riding a bike and I’d slip right back ...

Carol Varsalona May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

Positive People Do More

Today is the weekly celebration of #CelebrateMonday, a day to celebrate the positives in education started by one of my colleagues, Sean Gaillard a North Carolina high school principal. While trying to get teachers involved in professional learning ...

Jim DeSantis Apr 28, 2016

Apr 28, 2016

Cleaning Our Community

April 22nd is Earth Day we planned a cleanup of the local area around our school. Tied with this students read about Earth Day here on Wonderopolis before heading out. We discussed some ways that could help improve our community, such as reducing, ...

Paul W. Hankins Apr 6, 2016

Apr 6, 2016

Wallow in Wonder Poem 6: 1661: "Who Was the First Emperor of China?"

Today's wonder has me thinking about how a young writer could use a form of poetry to answer a question. There is an answer to the question posed by the wonder today. And it could be answered. Just. Like. This. Ying Zheng. Good. Now what? I wonder. ...

Phillips Family Feb 17, 2013

Feb 17, 2013

Building Classroom Community Through Random Acts of Kindness

During the winter break, I read Bullying Hurts Teaching Kindness Through Read Alouds and Guided Conversations by Lester Laminack and Reba Wadsworth.  It made me reflect and think about how much I wanted to start January working on rebuilding our ...

Sarah Nicols Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

Chicken (Noodle) Soup for….the husband!

Well, my husband has been down and out with the flu. ALL weekend! As I do anytime we get sick, I immediately drove over to the grocery store to pick up all the vegetables needed to make some from-scratch homemade chicken noodle soup. That got me ...

Edwards Family Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

Learning, Questions, and Curiosity?

How do you define curiosity?How do you encourage and support curiosity?I saw something on Edutopia this morning that caught my attention: Four Strategies to Spark Curiosity via Student Questioning by Kevin D. Washburn.I admit that the the way ...

Caplin Family Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

You Are Never to Old to Wonder or Visit the Zoo!

As I mentioned in my Flame Run post, our family had an amazing weekend in Louisville as we walked around the Louisville Zoo. As we entered the zoo, each family was given a wonder card that we had to find the answer.  Here is our card to the ...

Caplin Family Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

Choice is Key for Expository Writing

We just started our expository writing unit.  When I said that out loud to the students, most of them turned and looked at each other like I said something in a foreign language. Next I put this wordle up that I created with their research ...

Caplin Family Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

Cracking Open Words - Revision Strategy

 We have just completed our first revision strategy of the year.  A few years ago I read Georgia Heard's book:  The Revision Toolbox.  For so many of my students I needed to shift their thinking about revision.  For many students they ...