Calling All Learning a Wonder

Nov 28, 2012

Edwards Family

A conversation from this afternoon:

Me: When I say Wonderopolis, what do you think of?

Madalyn: Wonders

Me: Which wonders?

Madalyn: Why you need to wear a seat belt to be safe

Me: Was that something you talked about at school?

Madalyn: Yes and we used dummies. We did a project with play-dough and built a person but it had no legs. Then we had to wait until we got to choose a car. I chose a green one. We made the car go down a ramp which was a clipboard on a tissue box. The first time the car hit a pencil and then she fell off. We got to hold it and roll the car down again.

Me: What happened then?

Madalyn: On the second one, she stayed on.

Me: Why do you think that happened?

Madalyn: Because we put tape on to make her stay on. She did kinda tip but she stayed on at least.

Me: So ...

Madalyn: We took pictures to put on the board and then tomorrow, we are going to put the boards on tables for the Science show. Then we get to tell about our project and what we did.

Me: What did you learn?

Madalyn: That we have to wear a seat belt all the time

Me: Why?

Madalyn: If you don't wear a seat belt, you might fly out the big front window. They use test dummies to see if they need a seat belt in the car.


There are many past Wonders that fall into the Transportation category on Wonderopolis.

I think it is interesting that Madalyn calls any learning that she does in or out of school with a wonder ...




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