15 Pages and 5+ Wonders ...

Aug 6, 2013

Edwards Family

It is hard to believe that it is almost time for Miss Madalyn to go back to school!

She will start 2nd grade in just a few weeks!

Tonight at bedtime, we starting reading a book together ... Judy Moody Saves the World.

As we read the first chapter, I kept noticing things that could be wonder on Wonderopolis!

So I asked Miss Priss if I could borrow her book to reread the first chapter while she falls asleep!

The story opens with Judy Moody telling her brother that he should knock before he enters her room. He things she means that he should tell knock-knock jokes!

In the first chapter, Judy Moody and her brother find out about a Crazy Strips (Band-Aid) Contest. Judy Moody shared an idea she had about using smiley face to decorate a Crazy Strip. Along with the smiley face, Judy Moody added a slogan about curing bad moods ... As they brainstormed ideas for entries, I wondered how Madalyn would decorate a Crazy Strip ... She suggested a peace sign with flowers around it and a heart shaped sun. This chapter even mentioned Picasso ... Toward the end of 1st grade, Madalyn's art class learned about famous artists and created artworks based on the techniques and characteristics they are known for.

So she refers to Picasso as "that guy who mixes people faces" and brought home a picture of a face she created with the location of the nose, eyes, and mouth all mixed up!

Look how many Wonderopolis connections we have found so far in this book ...

And we are only to page 15!

picasso by madalyn




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