3 Minutes to Wonder

Jun 17, 2013

Phillips Family

Today was the first day of Camp What-A-Wonder at Wonderopolis.org.  Don't worry if you missed out today because the free, virtual camp runs Monday-Friday, June 17-July 26.  This week's theme is "Dig Into the Wild Kingdom" and today's theme was "Backyard Creatures Around You".

One feature of this year's Camp What-A-Wonder is "3 Minutes to Wonder".  We had a very busy today;  two tennis lessons, weekly grocery shopping, the grass needed to be mowed and we had to clear our family room for a home improvement project that begins tomorrow.  After dinner, we sat down to read the 3 minute to Wonder questions.  My kids are a bit older and rather than discuss, we decided to write and then discuss.  Plus, Betsy was excited to write in her Camp What-A-Wonder Journal that arrived in the mail today.  (If you haven't signed up for Camp What-A-Wonder, you might want to consider doing so for a chance to receive special Camp extras here.)

Before writing we discussed what creatures we have in our yard.  We live on 6 acres and therefore have lots of wildlife.  Then we took the three minutes to jot down in our journals what the creatures do when it gets cold, hot and where we would find most of the animals in our yard.  I was rather impressed with what both Ben and Betsy wrote in three minutes.  They both wrote about how different animals adapt, hibernate and/or migrate in both cold and hot weather.  We all agreed that most of the animals in our yard would be found in the woods behind our house.

After a very busy day it was nice spending time reconnecting, thinking, and wondering about the wildlife in our own backyard.  I look forward to connecting as a family and spending three minutes each day Wondering throughout Camp What-A-Wonder.


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