A Fun Way to Travel

Jul 14, 2013

Phillips Family

Today's "Take 3 Minutes to Wonder" today at Camp What-A-Wonder asks, "What is the most fun way you have traveled?  Why was it fun?  How fast or slow were you traveling?"

A fun way we have traveled as family was through the air, zip lining in Belize.  During a trip over spring break we decided to go on a zip line adventure in Belize.  I've always wanted to zip line.  I must admit there is nothing like climbing through the rainforest and then zip lining in the canopy and understory to end back on the forest floor.  It was breath taking and we would love to do it again some day.


Be sure to check out Wonder  #817 How Fast Can You Zip Through the Air? and learn more about zip lining!

Spend some time as a family today thinking and discussing fun ways your family has traveled?


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