Are you ready for a challenge?

Dec 21, 2012

Edwards Family

I have a challenge for you ...

I don't think it will be very difficult ...

It could be beneficial for us all ...


I am a Lead Ambassador for the Wonderopolis Wonder Year Adventure this year.  When I look at what Wonderopolis has to offer, I see so much potential to use the things shared there both in the classroom and at home.  Each Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis includes an image, a video, some questions to promote thinking, a list of word that could be introduced, and some ideas for further exploration.

I want you to go to Wonderopolis and find a current or past Wonder of the Day that you can use along with a lesson you teach. If you click on the Wonders tab at the top of the page, it will take you to a collection of the past Wonders of the Day. Now all of them are interesting, but instead of trying to read all of them to find something you can use, you can either choose a category from  the list in the sidebar or you can use the search box at the top of the page.

Here are some blogs and blog posts that demonstrate ways others have connected various lessons, ideas, and experiences with a Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis:


  • Jon Fines uses Wonderopolis with his Kindergarten students in Montana: KF Dragons
  • Barbara Phillips is a 2nd grade teacher who found ways to connect Wonderopolis with the trip her family recently took to Disney: Wondering Through 2010
  • Maria Caplin uses Wonderopolis with her 5th grade class in Ohio: Teaching in the 21st Century
  • Sarah Nichols has found ways to use Wonderopolis with her middle school Science students in California: Wandering and Wondering
  • Samantha Brasdis uses Wonderopolis with her 7th grade Reading class in Virginia: What a Wonderful World!
  • You can also look at ways I have shared Wonderopolis and Thinkfinity resources on my blog: Figuring out how the pieces fit
To conclude my challenge for you, I would love for you to share the Wonder of the Day that you discovered and how you can use it with a lesson you teach! Please leave a comment here to share your ideas with others ... and you can read the ideas of others too!
Best of luck exploring the Wonders of the Day from Wonderopolis!


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