Camp What-A-Wonder at School - Day 1

May 22, 2013

Phillips Family

This is my last full week of school with my second graders.  I wanted to make it a fun-filled week of learning.  I had decided last summer when I participated in Wonderopolis' Camp What-A-Wonder that I wanted to incorporate something similar into my classroom this year.  Fortunately my teaching partner was excited to do the camp with me.  We have been planning the camp for several weeks.  A couple of weeks ago I created a Googledoc for parents to sign up to donate items needed for our camp.  This made for very little spending out of our pockets.

We borrowed a few of the themes from previous Camp What-A-Wonders at Wonderopolis:

Monday - Craft-A-Palooza

Tuesday - Team What-A-Wonder (field day)

Wednesday - Campfire Cooking

Thursday - Superific Science

Friday - Awesome Adventures

Day one was spent creating Wonder Journals for the students to use during the week to reflect on their learning.

Below are the Wonders we used and the Camp What-A-Wonder activities that went along with the Wonders for the first day.

#45 What Is a Totem Pole?

Students learned about totem poles and spent time making their own out of paper towel tubes and a free template I found on line.


#434 Where Does Sea Glass Come From?

After learning where sea glass comes from students used glass marbles (the kind with the flat side), Modge Podge, scrapbook paper, magnets and Gorilla Glue to make some fun and easy refrigerator magnets.


#659 How Do Dream Catchers Catch Dreams?

Students enjoyed learning about the history of dream catchers.  They then used cheap paper plates, yarn  crayons, markers and feathers to create dream catchers.


#904 What Is Pointillism?

We learned about pointillism earlier in the year, but used our learning, water color paints and q-tips to create our own priceless pieces of art.


I look forward to sharing our camping experiences with you as the week continues!


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