Camp What-A-Wonder at School - Day 2 and 3

May 24, 2013

Phillips Family

This week in second grade we are having our own Wonderopolis inspired Camp What-A-Wonder.  The first day was spent creating crafts.  Below I will detail what activities were planned for the second and third day.

Day 2 - Team What-A-Wonder

Day two of Camp What-A-Wonder was our annual field day.  Before heading out to the high school stadium, we visited several Wonders to get us in the spirit.

#840 Why Do Your Muscles Cramp?

#561 Who Invented the High Five?

#291 How Many People Can Play Tug Of War?

Day 3 - Campfire Cooking

We used the campfire template from last summer's Camp What-A-Wonder to create our own campfires for Campfire Cooking Day.

#894 Can Food Be Art? and #258 Why Do Ants Think They're Invited To a Picnic?

We learned about how to create art using food before creating our very own.  We made ants on a log, which the class named rants on a log.  The students cut the celery using plastic knives and created their own snack.


#664 Who Was the First Ice Cream Man? and #92 Why Do You Get Ice Cream Headaches?

We enjoyed learning about who the first ice cream man was before their own.  Making ice cream in bag was a great, easy treat that didn't require any cooking.  We ended up doing the ice cream on Friday, because we ran out of time on the third day.  There are many fun and easy recipes for homemade ice cream on line.  We used a recipe that called for half and half, vanilla and sugar.


#582 Who Invented Play Dough?

After learning about the invention of play dough, we made something similar called "cloud dough".  All of the recipes for homemade play dough involved some sort of hot water or cooking, so I found a recipe for "cloud dough".  It wasn't exactly play dough, but nobody seemed to mind.  If I do this again next year, I will make this outside.  It made quite the mess.


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