Camp What-A-Wonder Recommended Reading

Jun 18, 2013

Phillips Family

Yesterday I blogged about a 3 Minutes to Wonder, a new feature this summer at the virtual Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder.  Today I wanted to share about the "Recommended Reading" portion of the camp.


Two of the books on the list are favorites of mine.  I read The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate to my 2nd graders last year.  We LOVED it and I can't wait to read it at the beginning of this coming school year.  It was loved so much that several students went to the local library to finish it because our pace wasn't fast enough.  I also add a student create his own thirty minute movie of the book.


The One and Only Ivan is a great story about friendship which includes many animals that one usually finds at the zoo, not an exit off the freeway.  It would be great book to snuggle up as a family and read together.  I can guarantee that it will spark lots of conversation among all family members, both young and old.

The second favorite of mine is on the Recommended Read list is Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles.  I also read this to my students every year.  It's a great picture book about an Emu that isn't happy with his life.  He spends time trying out being different animals at the zoo before realizing that the best animal at the zoo is an emu.

I checked my local library and all of the books on the list are found there.  I encourage you to visit your library and check out a few of the "Recommended Reading" to go along with this summer's Camp What-A-Wonder.


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