Candle Making

Dec 21, 2012

Phillips Family

Each year when the holidays roll around, I begin thinking of a craft my students can make to give their parents for Christmas.  This year I decided to revisit a craft I made years ago with students.  After visiting Wonder #443 How Do You Make Candles? and discussing how candles are made, we began making our candles for Christmas gifts.  A mom that came in to help out was amazed at how simple and easy the process was, so I thought I would share.  This would be a great activity to do with kids while they are out of school during Winter Break or out of school for a snow day.


  • an old crockpot
  • old candles to melt down (great way to recycle)
  • candle wicks
  • molds
  • optional glitter to sprinkle on top
  • an old measuring cup for pouring the wax into molds
  • old spoon(s) for stirring
  • Place the crockpot on high.
  • Place old candles in the crockpot to melt.  It can take up to an hour to melt larger candles.
  • Scrape soft wax off the candles to help the melting process.
  • Once there is enough wax melted, you can start pouring the wax into molds.
  • When the candles start to get stiff, add the wick and optional glitter.  You can reuse the wicks from the melted candles, but will also need to buy some at a craft store.
  • Once the candles have cooled in the molds (about 30 minutes), they pop right out of the rubber molds.

Another great Wonder to visit as a follow-up to this craft is Wonder #276 Does Matter Really Matter? to help explain the solid and liquid of this activity.


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