Celebrate Everyday!

Mar 29, 2018

Renee Cunningham

Have you ever noticed the buzz of excitement that exists on “special” days at school? Hat day...PJ day...backwards day...Science Fair day. Any day there is something to celebrate seems to bring an excitement to the air and more enthusiasm for learning. Don’t we wish we could bottle this keen interest for everyday?

There is something about a unique focus or activity that seems to captivate students. As a teacher it can be a struggle to wade through all the activities and ideas available online (looking at you black hole of Pinterest). So rather than completely new activities, what if each day (or week) has a new focus.

The website https://nationaldaycalendar.com/ is an amazing resource, reminding you of national days of celebration and recognition. As you begin to explore you’ll likely find many you did not know existed. March 29th is Lemon Chiffon Cake Day, in case you were curious.

EVEN BETTER than knowing what days are being celebrated each day is the way this list pairs so easily with Wonderopolis!

When students hear it is National Chip and Dip Day (yes it’s real), they are naturally going to be curious about the origins of chips...Wonder #726. To extend this even more, connect with the content areas. Bring in a bag of chips and give each student one (yes, only one) and allow them a taste test to write about the chip from the perspective of all 5 senses. In math chips can be weighed and measured, servings made into fractions, or nutritional information converted. For science see how chips react to heat or cold. The possibilities are endless.

Giving a focus to the day can add to the excitement of learning; and will have kids WONDERing what they can celebrate each day!

A note for educators, there are ads on the site. An app is in the works, and they offer a daily email update.


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