Celebrating Digital Literacy Day at the Wonderopolis Literacy Center

Feb 6, 2013

Fines Family

I love this time of year in kindergarten.  When my students return from winter break, things begin to fall in to place. Developmental growth is evident and their excitement for learning is heightened.   My kindergarteners understand the rules and routines of the classroom, and their level of independence and courage to explore things on their own increases as well.

While I share technology with them early in the year, it’s during this time that they begin to use the tools with more fluency and efficiency – whether it’s word processing, drawing, blogging, tweeting, or video chat.  I love that technology gives them options for learning, creating, and sharing.  While I make the tools available, not all of my students are drawn to technology – and that’s okay.  I want them to know that they have choices, and a digital device or application ranks right up there with a trusty pencil, crayon, and piece of paper.

A few weeks ago I opened the Wonderopolis Literacy Center.  It’s a space in the classroom for the students to explore, create, imagine, and of course - wonder.  It’s one of our favorite places.  We can do anything there with Wonderopolis, and wondering, as our backdrop.

The Wonderopolis Literacy Center is an excellent area to blend in digital literacy.  I have one iPad for our entire class, and what a perfect way to blend that literacy learning with technology. For the remainder of the year I’ll introduce a variety of tools that are used to accomplish certain activities at the center. To begin, I show my students the Wonderopolis mobile app.  When they get to the literacy center they use the app to watch the video for the wonder of the day.  I’ll stay close to read and share some key points about the wonder, and then just let them watch the video. After watching the video they write a sentence in the Wonderopolis topic journal. It can be an “I wonder” question, or an “I know” statement about what they saw or learned.  It’s pretty simple. They get the benefit of the technology with literacy as the focus.

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Looking forward to sharing more of  our Wonderopolis Literacy Center learning in the coming months.

Happy Digital Literacy Day!

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