Celebrating the Poetryliscious Side of Life

Apr 4, 2016

Carol Varsalona

On April 1st, I was on blooper alert. Over a month ago, I decided to try out a new word: poetryliscious, an unconventional way of spelling poetrylicious, to add some variety to my writing. I even created a definition to accompany it. (The image below is not an April Fool's bloop.)


When I publicized the upcoming #NYEDChat conversation on National Poetry Month I flip-flopped back to the traditional spelling. Isn't that a writer's prerogative? At any rate, please join other poets, writers, bloggers, educators, and me for a lively and creative chat on April 11, 2016. This is all you have to do: go to twitter.com at 8 pm EST and type in the hashtag #NYEDChat. I will be moderating so you can say hello to me, just listen to the conversation (that is called lurking and learning), or can join in. My colleague and fellow Wonder Lead Ambassador, Paul W. Hankins, and author and poet, Janet Wong, have agreed to be my guest moderators.


In addition if you see this post before tomorrow night, please join #WonderChat hosted by @Wonderopolis to celebrate National Poetry Month.


Since April Fool's Day kicked off National Poetry Month, I am "all about" celebrating poetically. Are you ready to join in the fun? Please read the "All Fool's Day" poem written from another era aloud to your class, child, or children.

From http://www.novareinna.com/festive/quotes.htm

Take out your notebook, journal, or digital tool and let's begin to wonder about the holiday. Jot down a quick thought after reading the poem. Then, read Wonderopolis' Wonder of the Day #180, "How Did April Fool's Day Begin?" Create a list of several interesting thoughts or words from the poem and the article. Sort your thoughts to create a short free verse or rhyming poem about All Fool's Day or April Fool's Day. Reread it and decide if you would like to change some words. Next, share your first draft with a another person. The final step is reflecting. Did your wondering lead to new ideas? Did you enjoy creating a poem from the paired texts? Was the feedback you received helpful?

Authors read and write to make meaning. Poets do the same but in another format.

Here is a sample of my journal with a poem I created to start off National Poetry Month.


The power of poetry lies with the voice

that rises from (inside) within,

merges with the pen,

and connects with life.

©CVarsalona, 2016

Poetry is an invitation to share your voice with the world. May you continue to wonder and write during National Poetry Month and then passionately continue the practice.


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