Connecting the Dots - Wonderopolis Inspired Art

Apr 14, 2013

Fines Family

A couple of weeks ago we were inspired by Wonder of the Day #904 - What is Pointillism?

I love the spur-of-the-moment, yet purposeful, learning that can take place in the classroom.  It can happen anytime. Sometimes it's  hit-and-miss. I take note of what can be changed the next time, then move on.  Yet other times the learning is magical. I see the engagement level increase and the kids begin connecting the dots.

I always begin by reading the Wonder of the Day. At this point in the year I have a handful who can read it by themselves.  Next, I ask if anyone can share with me (in their own words) what they know about (fill in the blank). I encourage anyone to share, right or wrong, what they think the wonder is about. After two or three short responses I begin to  summarize the information about the wonder of the day.  I quickly skim through the paragraphs, taking note of any information that I may need to reword. Many times, I'm able to read it directly to the kids. I decide how much, or little, of the information that I think the kids need to know. Finally we watch the video.  All of this can take place within 3 to 10 minutes.

Photo Apr 08, 11 58 46 PM

During the video one of my students shouted "I know this - it's called 'dot art' - we did this in pre-school!".  There was the connection - and the hook!  Moments later, the kids were at their desks creating 'dot art'.  For this particular project I had them using the blunt end of a paint brush handle dipped in paint to create their dots.  There was no particular reason for the method - just something  different.  They could have easily used markers.

After 15 minutes we gathered at the carpet to share our 'dot art' on our interactive whiteboard using the document camera. In kindergarten we are authors, poets, and artists!

The kids took a picture of their pieces with the iPad then added audio to share them with you.  Happy Wondering!



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