Coursework Writing: Difference Between References And Bibliography!

Apr 16, 2021

Olivia james

It is customary to add the sources of information that you have used in your coursework. This is done either through a reference list or through a bibliography. But these two terms are often used interchangeably. The students are unaware of the difference between the two and often make mistakes while adding them to their coursework.

Correct usage of references and bibliography in your coursework will put a positive impression on your teacher. In order to use them effectively in your coursework, you should know about the difference between them. The experts at Assignment Desk have come up with detailed definitions and differences between them to provide you coursework help.


When you refer to some other person’s text in your coursework, you are said to be referring to his work. Referencing is giving credit to that person by mentioning the name and other details about him. You may take this content from books, articles, or any other source, but they all should be reliable. References tell the reader about the pictures, graphs, quotes, etc., which you take from some other source.


The bibliography is added at the end of the coursework to provide a list of sources like books, articles, journals, etc., which you have consulted during the course of your research. The bibliography is a source of information for the reader about the literature accessible on this particular topic.

Differences between references and coursework

· Bibliography is a list of all the sources from where you have collected information from research no matter it is cited or not. At the same time, references are those sources specifically from where you have taken some text.

· Bibliography is created for both secondary as well as primary sources while references are made on the basis of primary sources only.

· Bibliography is for all the research you have conducted, no matter it is useful for your argument or not, while references are usually added when you need support for a particular argument or an idea.

· In general, a bibliography is created for some sort of research work, while a reference list can be created for thesis, dissertation, assignments, coursework, etc.

· Bibliography has sources that are organized in numerical order, while in reference, they can be arranged either alphabetically or numerically.


Although there are many similarities between references and bibliography, there is a thin line of difference that separates them. They both are used to give credit to the actual owner of the information.

If you have any doubts in understanding any concept regarding referencing, you can contact the experts at Assignment Desk for assistance as well as advice.


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