Creating Wonder With Darrin Lunde Non-fiction Picture Books

Sep 12, 2012

Phillips Family

I stumbled upon a "new to me" author of non-fiction picture books, Darrin Lunde.  Hello, Bumblebee Bat was the first book I read by Darrin Lunde. From the first page, students were intrigued by the book and off and wondering.  It is written in a question/answer format.  Don't let the simple text fool you.  There are lots of details about the bumblebee bat included.  I used all three of Darrin Lunde books in my 2nd grade class as a mentor text to model an alternate form of writing non-fiction.  The books have created some amazing focus for students to try in their own non-fiction writing.  Many students have grasped the idea of starting with questions and answering those questions in the voice of the animal they are talking about, just like Darrin Lunde does.  In addition to reading Hello, Bumbebee Bat, we also read Hello, Baby Beluga and Meet the Meerkat by Darrin Lunde.

Here are some perfect Wonders that go along with the books above from

#51 What Do Bees Do in the Winter?

#378 Do Bats Need a Map?


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