Driscoll Reflective Model: Why it is Better Than Other Models of Reflection?

Mar 4, 2021

Olivia james

Reflections are often used when some negative & uncomfortable situation arises suddenly. Driscoll reflective model iseffective for those who want to understand their own thinking and learn strategies to overcome their own limitation. Not only this, but it also helps to combine their new knowledge with their previous understanding and apply this newly-formed strategy to a new problem. It gives special value to the awareness of one’s own knowledge, experience, and beliefs.

Driscoll's reflective model is easy to understand as well as works efficiently in reflection. It is much better than the other models of reflection. Here is why the Driscoll model is better than the other reflective models.

Ø Focus on the reflection process - The ultimate focus of the Driscoll model is on the reflection process. In the cycle of Driscoll, it flashes a light on the situation and analyses it carefully, but its main focus is only on reflection.

Ø Enhance Skills - It enhances and increases your individual skills as well as group skills when you work in a group. It provides a definite meaning of action in the situation, as well as helps to rectify those actions if it is wrong, and increases the skills.

Ø Friendly in Use - It has an easy-to-use structure and it's effortless to learn the Driscoll cycle, and more simple to apply it. By simply learning the cycle, anyone can use this model. All it needs is the answer of - what? so what? now what?

Ø Easier than other models - Driscoll reflective model is easier to compare to other reflective models. Other models have a long cycle to make a reflection but the Driscoll model has only 3 steps, which makes it easy.

Ø Improve personal efficiency- It can be helpful in focusing on reflection and giving a solution combining your past experience with your new knowledge. It helps in the improvement of personal efficiency.

There are 3 factors present in the Driscoll cycle:-

1. What - This stage covers the main incident. In this part, you need to explain the main situation. This is the basic and first step that will give you a clearer picture of what you are dealing with.

2. So, what - In this stage, you need to analyze the given situation which you have considered in the above step. This stage will help you to learn from the bad situation by asking what you have learned from the result of the particular situation. It is again friendly in use.

3. Now, what - This stage focuses on reflection; in this part, you need to think about actions you took after the situation occurred. These are the steps you will take as an outcome of your reflection. This is the last stage of the cycle, where you get the fruit you are searching for.

This write-up focuses on the reasons why the Driscoll model is a better approach for reflection than the other models. There are 5 reasons why it is better. As well as here, you will also find some basic knowledge about the Driscoll cycle.


This article talks about the 5 reasons why Driscoll reflective model is better than other reflective models.


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