“Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn”

Jun 26, 2013

Edwards Family

“Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn"

That saying goes great with today's theme for Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder (Wednesday: Fun Places All Around You) …

That saying was on the back of one of the green Wonderopolis shirts Madalyn wore on our vacation …

While we visited Massanutten, Viginia last week, I really understood the meaning behind that saying …

I kept a list of all the things we saw and/or experienced on our trip that we want to wonder about and explore more!

I took that list and created a word cloud …

Here a some past Wonders that we can't wait to start exploring since they match things on our list!

Do you keep a list of things you wonder about during your 3 Minutes of Wonder to look back at and explore more later?


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