I wonder what causes excitement when reading ....

Oct 16, 2012

Edwards Family

Madalyn is now doing her homework ...

She is reading We Are in a Book! by Mo Willems.

She gets LOUDER or softer when she reads certain words ...

I wondered why she whispered some parts ....

She pointed to the word she whispered and said, "Because it is small and leans to the side."

(The word is in italics.)

I wondered why she shouted some words ...

So she pointed to another word and told me that since it was LARGE, she needed to use a LARGE voice to read it!

Madalyn told me she knew which character was saying words based on the word bubbles ....

She added that the exclamation points helped he know when to show emotions ....

I wonder how she knows all that ...

I tend to get quite animated when I read aloud and it looks like someone shares that same quality!


The book she read tonight was one of Mo Willem's Elephant and Piggie Books. Those books along Interrupting Chicken and Silly Street are mentioned in one of the the Thinkfinity Community Forum on Humor and Giggles in the Classroom!

She was more engaged in her reading homework tonight since she was excited about the book!

Having fun and interacting with the books makes it more fun when we read together too!


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See the webpage and blog of Mo Willems to learn more about him, his books, and some activities.

If you're a fan of the Elephant and Piggie books, you'll love this packet  that supports the Common Core standards:  http://pinterest.com/happyteacher/mo-willems/


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