Exploring Doughnuts and History?

May 21, 2013

Edwards Family

We had an awesome family day today ...

A couple of weeks ago, I saw where someone on twitter mentioned something about KrispyKreme doughnuts. I sent a tweet back saying that I worked in the town where Krispy Kreme started. Less than an hour later, the KrispyKreme twitter account sent me a message:



I immediately checked the celebration site and a plan began forming in my head! I am trying to find special events for our family to attend as a part of our Wonderopolis Wonder Lead Adventure! There was an event on Friday night in downtown Winston-Salem and then a Family FanFest on Friday at Old Salem. The Family FanFest sounded like just the thing I was looking for us to do! Although I wasn't exactly sure why it was going to be in Old Salem ....

Did you know that Old Salem is where Krispy Kreme started?



I grew up in Winston-Salem and have been to Old Salem many times, both on school field trips, to Moravian Love Feasts, Sunrise Easter services, and visiting God's Acre (which I called my favorite graveyard to visit in a previous blog post).

Growing up in Winston-Salem also meant that I was well aware of the red Hot and Now Krispy Kreme signs! My mother used to say that the car automatically turned into KrispyKreme when that light was on! It was always so much fun to watch the doughnuts travel through the glaze and be placed in the boxes with the distinctive logo.  It seems that almost everyone around has a story connected to KrispyKreme. My huband told me some of his memories today (he grew up in Winston-Salem also). His dad talked about years ago working and getting off at 12:00. He would go to Krispy Kreme for coffee and to watch for the warm doughnuts until his wife got off of work at 1:00.

Both of these places have provided special memories for me ... but it was not until this weekend that I realized that they were connected!



Here are a few highlights of things we did as a family to celebrate this 75th Birthday!:

  • I went to Krispy Kreme on Friday to get doughnuts for work and ended up getting to talk on the radio (WBFJ)!
  • We got up early on a Saturday to go to Old Salem (and got a parking space before they were all gone)
  • Madalyn and I created an art project with the Sawtooth Center connecting downtown Winston-Salem and Krispy Kreme
  • Madalyn got to ride the swings and the merry-go-round on the street in Old Salem
  • Madalyn asked the gentleman in the Krispy Kreme cruiser all kinds of questions
  • I listened to the mayor of Winston-Salem talk about the connection between Krispy Kreme and the town as a place for arts and innovation
I am sure that I will have more great memories and pictures from this day to share!

But the best part was that we celebrated as a family and got to eat free doughnuts ...

Here is a past Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis to go along with the birthday of Krispy Kreme ... #586 Why Do Donuts Have Holes?

images from Krispy Kreme website

except for the one of Madalyn :)


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