Portfolio Mailed; Hours Complete!

Nov 10, 2015

Kristie Ennis

Last weekend, I had the distinct pleasure to meet with the KY Council of Teachers of English to read the conference proposals for the Annual Conference.  We spent three hours reading all grade-levels, various content areas, and a wide variety of instructional methods.  It was refreshing to hear the passion in the voices of the readers as they got excited about the presenters they chose.  I was also thrilled to see library media folks submitting conference session ideas for this ELA focused conference.  I definitely chose them!  The next day, I worked with KY Reading Association on a join venture to advocate for teachers across the state.  The political climate is crazy right now with the change in commissioner and governor.  Everyone is uncertain and we must band together to support quality education and teachers so that students get what they need to succeed. We also discussed ways that KCTE and KRA can partner with the larger national organizations throughout the year at the board meeting that day.

To complete my hours, I spent an entire day in the classroom with an 8th grade special education teacher working to co-teach his students.  This was a major challenge, as I have never taught middle school, but it was great to see the kids respond so well to someone new helping them to learn. We worked on literacy strategies across the content areas, focusing on close reading.  I feel good about the results; time will tell I suppose!

I also spent a couple of hours preparing for and delivering a professional development session with two content area teachers on questioning techniques.  We modeled Socratic circles for the teachers that attended, and presented a PowerPoint on the other techniques.  Teachers went through a simulated Socratic discussion, led by teachers as “students”.  They responded very well to the approach, and I really think it was a good way to give new ideas for meeting the goals they set for themselves on the PGPs this year.

So, that complete my practicum experience!  It has been a whirlwind.  I have plans to continue working to assist the LMS in collaborating with teachers in various content areas to implement my lesson on KYVL and APA citation, and to help in the media center as needed on my planning period.  I hope to earn a position as a full-time LMS by next semester.  My work in this program has prepared me to interview and take on a program that needs a new, fresh face!


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