Friendly Reminder to my Reflection Friends (OLW)

Dec 21, 2012

Caplin Family

In my first post about One Little Word I wrote that my word for this year is going to be reflection. I had as much fun reading all of the comments as I didreflecting on my month.  At the bottom of first post, I suggested that you might consider reflecting with me at the end of each month well January is getting close to being over. On a side note, I am just fine with that (it is my least favorite month of the year) I guess I will reflect later on why that is.  I had several comments so I am posting a friendly reminder to those who left a comment and of course anyone else who wants to join along on a cross post on Tuesday, January 31.  I will post my monthly reflection and you can post on your blog or just leave a coment, and we'll cross reference each others blogs-what fun.  Thanks for joining my OLW journey.


Melissa @ Technology: figuring out how the pieces fit

Mrs. Kmiec @ CSI Scientists

Julie @ Raising Readers and Writers

Gail (a reader of my blog)

Tracy @ Thinking Stems 

Tara @ A Teaching Life


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