Happy New Year-Are you Willing to Reflect in 2012?

Dec 21, 2012

Caplin Family

As we drove home from an exciting family weekend, I was reading twitter and enjoying all the posts on One Little Word.  As I read Mandy's post Happy New Year and One Little Word, I began to think about my one word for 2012.  Since we had a four hour drive home, I had time to ponder. As I thought about 2011, there are many words that come to mind including: change, motivation, literacy, technology, integration, learning, and wonder. In my busy life, reflection is probably the first thing I let go of in my timeline. It is funny for me to think my life is busy now because my husband and I became "empty nesters" in 2011.  After having time to think, I have decided my 2012 word will be reflection. I am excited about this word because in the new year I will hold myself accountable to a reflection blog at the end of year month. I also think that this will help me stop, think, and reflect during the month. Anyone willing to start a cross post the last few days of the month? We could call it: Reflections of January 2012 etc. Leave me a comment if interested.


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