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Mar 24, 2021

Adrian Lomezzo

Coworking spaces are giving room to freelancers and employees to avoid the traditional office setting, collaborate, and be more productive. The option to work remotely is also shining spotlight on coworking spaces. According to experts from Writing Jobz, these are the spaces where students find professional business freelance content writers pitch their tents. As a client at such a space, you want all the information available to help you make the right decision.

Information on coworking spaces and environment is available on different platforms. However, its quality matters because it will influence the decision you make.

Webinars and blogs are an excellent way to get the latest as well as comprehensive information on coworking. Here is a list of coworking webinars and platforms that will help you to choose the right space as well as remain productive while at the space.


andcards is a coworking space software provider knowing the industry inside out. Their mission is to make the workspace ideal for people using it. The company is 100% remote from the foundation day, so they are not only selling their product to coworking spaces, they are actually using the space and the technology it offers.

andcards has plenty of ideas for coworking and flexible space operators on how to automate administration, attract new members, earn more money, build community, and improve member experience, which they regularly share on their blog.

They also invite industry experts for interviews, run webinars, publish niche-specific news and updates, bring hot coworking trends into the spotlight, and tell inspiring success stories of real people. In a word, andcards blog is a must-read for managers of growing ambitious coworking spaces.


Are you looking for coworking space anywhere around the world? This is the place to go. The platform highlights all the premium spaces, office, shared spaces, and desks in all major cities around the world. Innov8 has been serving the market since 2016, helping the company to accumulate enough insights to guide you in the search for coworking space.

Innov8 has taken it a notch higher by providing physical addresses and phone lines for all these spaces. Further, you can book conference halls, boardrooms, and related facilities from the platform. Simply put, this is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for coworking spaces around the world.

Innov8 has made it one better by providing useful tips and guides to clients looking for coworking spaces or businesses listing their spaces. The insights come in the form of webinars, blogs, social media engagements, and discussions at the community. The discussions are moderated by coworking experts, ensuring that the insights shared help you when making the decision.


Experience teaches you something that no amount of reading would ever hack. This is the best description of AllWork. The company started in 2003 when the idea was still alien. Today, it is the leading spot for all information and news regarding coworking.

The website offers an extensive range of guides covering such topics as sales and marketing, technology and innovation, among others. All the discussion is geared towards preparing you for coworking space and helping you to maximize on such valuable resources. It is interesting to read through the transformation of coworking space from the library that the platform has developed over the years.

Almost two decades on, AllWork has a repository of tips and trends about the industry. You get to read success stories and frustrations from such platforms, helping you to make better decisions in the process. The platform is also available on social media, helping you to engage closely with these professionals.


The platform has a tagline that reads, “The Future of Work.” It points at the type and quality of content you get from their webinars. Founded in 2015, Kowrk explores all concerns and ideas about shared spaces and coworking outfits.

Kowrk connects clients looking for these valuable spaces to providers. Because of the traffic it receives throughout the world, the site has an admirable domain authority. It packs endless webinars, videos, articles, and other types of content on shared working spaces.

The interesting bit about Kowrk is the community it has built. Across social media platforms and on the website, people share insights on their experiences at different spaces. Through these discussions, you can isolate the good places and avoid punishing experiences. The platform is best described as a community of coworking army drawing experiences from all around the world.

Coworking Insights

Coworking spaces are not just desks where you can drop by with your laptop and get some work done. The space should provide an environment that supports your productivity and helps you to collaborate easily with others on the space. This is what Coworking Insights seeks to build; a space where freelancers and remote workers find a home.

Coworking Insights highlights the important elements for such spaces. Whether it is technology, health, social, personal care, or team work, all these elements will be covered in the insights. Industry pros also guide you on how to use such spaces to your advantage. Through their guidance, you get to choose a space that works for your dreams, not just a station to spend your day. From the insights shared in the frequent webinars, the choice of a coworking space will be rewarding for your personal as well as career development.


Coworking spaces create their own unique stories. Each person walking through the door will leave with a different experience. Whether you are a traveler, a resident, or need to use the space for a few days, you will leave the station with a story to tell. These are the stories available on Coworkies webinars.

The stories cover the lives and experiences of people drawn from all parts of the world. You learn about mothers looking for a few minutes away from the house, travelers who have to complete an assignment in a few hours, and entrepreneurs who started from nameless spaces, among other narratives. They are stories you can relate and that will help you to redesign your experience.

Coworkies is all about the experiences. It means that you learn from other people instead of relying on hypothetical theories developed by armchair analysts. It makes a lot of sense to learn from the experiences of other people and craft a personalized approach to the utilization of coworking spaces.


The platform offers more than coworking insights. It has packaged a physical space with all the support infrastructure you require to thrive. There are teams of freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and remote workers ready to share their insights as well as experiences.

While webinars are centered on individuals, Reddit brings a new approach. It is the workers at the platform who share their experiences. The community gives tips, success stories, best practices, and failures, all in the same breath. Reddit creates a community to make coworking spaces rewarding to all who take up the idea.

The popularity of Reddit is impossible to ignore. With more than a million followers on Facebook and other social media sites, you are in for variety. The discussions on this platforms and sharing of quality materials keep going.

Cobot Blog

An orderly approach to content makes it interesting to read and insightful. This is what Cobot Blog offers coworking space enthusiasts. Each week, readers have two new blogs or articles on offer. The blogs cover such topics as technology, productivity, collaboration, and the general coworking environment.

The future of work is an interesting angle you will encounter on Cobot blog. A lot of attention goes into creating the best environment for the future worker on such spaces and for organizations. The platform will prepare you for what is coming beyond the coworking space idea. Each blog or article is a unique learning experience.

Sneed Blog

It is a mall for all coworking spaces in the US and around the world. It goes beyond the coworking spaces to capture hotels, resorts, public spaces, and recreation spaces that allow remote work. From the blog, you learn about booking, examining packages, preparing for a day at a coworking space, and what to demand as a customer.

Sneed Blog captures the insights of experienced coworking and remote working professionals. As the team gathers information on these spaces, they also address owners so that the clients can have a rewarding experience. The blog acts as a meeting point for clients and the investors in an attempt to make the whole idea of coworking space to work.

Sneed Blog organizes discussions addressing different aspects of coworking. From the discussions, excellent insights arise, making it easier for investors and remote workers to utilize such spaces. If anyone is doing anything for the entire coworking industry, then it is Sneed Blog.

Cat Johnson

Who does not know Cat Johnson? He is a renowned expert in coworking. He has offered numerous training to individuals and corporate organizations on this new mode of life. Johnson is revered for his insights and practical solutions.

Coworking webinars by Johnson attract such huge crowds that they require booking. He also sells merchandise targeting coworkers and investors. He has helped coworking spaces targeting a particular market to achieve their goals through insightful guidance.

Johnson is not your ordinary coworking trainer. His webinars are full of passion and will transform how you look at the space. He is especially insistent on investors profiling their customers so that they can get the right people and the customers can also book the perfect spaces. In his opinion, it is the balance between what the investor has to offer and what a customer is looking for that determines the success of this office model.


Coworking spaces is an evolving concept that requires a lot of discussion to grasp its benefits. The best webinars focus on both the investor in the space and the client booking such a space. Follow several webinar trainers to boost your insights and gain the insights to help you make the best decision.

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