How do you "Wonderopolis"?

Dec 21, 2012

Fines Family

I've been so inspired by my online colleagues and fellow Wonder Leads. NCFL and Wonderopolishas opened the door to brand new ways of extending learning into our classrooms and homes.

I love the Wonderopolis-bond that Melissa has with her daughter.  The wonder never ceases at home or at school. They are a great source of inspiration for things to do with my family or my kindergarteners at school.

Maria's excitement for Wonderopolis is so contageous that her 5th graders practically never miss a day commenting on Wonderopolis. The relationship that her students have developed with Wonderopolis is about as authentic as you can get.

I love Barbara's passion for literacy and the way that she invites her 2nd grade students to Wonder in the classroom. There is a real connection between her Wonderpolis experiences, whether at home with her family or in the classroom.

I can only imagine the Wonderopolis-shenanigans happening with Samantha and her students. Each day seems like a new adventure. There never seems to be a dull moment, from a decked out Wonderopolis wall to the adventures of Pierre.

And who says that you can't bring Wonder into the high-school classroom.  As a kindergarten teacher, I CAN'T imagine teaching teenagers...but I CAN imagine the breadth and depth of a conversation that Wonderopolis can stir among high-schoolers in Sarah's classroom.

I think that the beauty of Wonderopolis is what it offers at an intrinsic level - the ability to wonder and imagine, unhindered by walls or boundaries. When it comes to wondering - no one can tell you you can't. We are only 2 months into our journey and I continue to be amazed by the things that Wonderopolis has helped bring to the table for educator and families alike.

How do YOU "Wonderopolis"?

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