I want chocolate!!!!

Jul 22, 2013

Edwards Family

Do you know where the most chocolate is sold in the world?

Any guesses?

I had no idea until I saw one of the Fast Facts on National Geographic Education!

I wonder why so much chocolate is sold there …

I am ashamed to admit that when I think of National Geographic, I picture an old magazine with yellow bands around the edges that has lots and lots of words!

Luckily that is not what it really is!

And especially not what the website contains!

Have you taken a recent look at the site?

On one side of the homepage, you can find a Fast Fact (like the one above). I think that is a great way to learn new things each day!

There is also a Quote area on the other side of the homepage … a quote that will make you think!

In the middle of the top, you can find interesting images with intriguing captions …

On the homepage, you can also find:

  • Teacher Resources
  • Reference & News
  • Current Event Connection
  • Geo-Literacy
  • and more!

There are even areas for Families, Students, and Kids!

Check out the National Geographic Education website and let me know about your favorite part and something you learned!

Since this post started off mentioning chocolate …

I visited Wonderopolis and searched for wonders about chocolate!


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