Integrate or Infuse?

Jun 5, 2013

Edwards Family

Integrate or Infuse


What do you think of when you hear the word integration?

What do you think of when you hear the word infusion?


With integration, I think of finding way to fit two of more things together ....

When I hear people talk about technology integration, I picture them trying to force technology into already existing lessons in ways that may or may not occur naturally and be fluent.

When I think of infusion, I think of bringing things together in a way that they are so intertwined that the two parts become one and naturally complement each other ....

I think learning is the focus of what we do as teachers and technology should be naturally infused throughout ...


Do you think the following description is an example of integration or infusion?


  • We generally use questions as a staring point to get our students wondering about a topic. Wonderopolis is one of the sites we use to show good models of questions and information searching as well as how questions lead to more questions which leads to continued learning!
  • At the beginning we may be asking the questions, but then gradually encourage the students to ask the questions.
  • But asking the questions is only part of it. It is searching for the answer that allows us to bring in technology pieces to aid in the learning process.
  • We brainstorm places, both online and offline, to look for information to answer the questions we have. We talk about searches that would and would not work for our topic. This is a great way to naturally teach some skills about narrowing a search, using search terms, and evaluating sources.
  • Once we find a few resources we can introduce, practice, and review reading skills as well as various note-taking application that can be used in a wide variety of areas.
  • Most of the times the questions we start with lead to other questions. As we discover some answers, we want to find ways to effectively express what has been found and our reactions to that information. That expression may or may not include various technology tools, but this could be a natural time to introduce a possible technology option.
This loose framework allows for differentiation and playing to student strengths while still challenging and encouraging more learning.


So what do you think ...

Integration or Infusion or some elements of both?

What are ways you can move towards more infusion for learning?


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