It is never too early to start supporting others ...

Oct 9, 2012

Edwards Family

A Pink Pajama Party for Support!

Did you know that according to the American Cancer Society, every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the USA? October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and chances are that it has touched each of our lives in some way.

My husband attended the NC State football game this weekend where the players wore all red uniforms and pink socks. My daughter and I watched the game on TV, and she had questions about the pink socks as well as the pink hat the coach was wearing. As I tried to explain, I connected it with the Sleep Pink party we were having today. I also shared a past Wonder of the Day from What is Cancer?

I know from past experience how much families and friends need support in times of illness and need, especially ones related to any form of cancer. So even though Breast Cancer may not have directly impacted my life and my family, I feel it is important to do all I can to help and support others.

Supporting each other was the theme of the Sleep Pink Pajama Party that Madalyn and I hosted this afternoon! It was a time for girls of all ages to just get together and enjoy time together!

I wasn't sure who all would show up for the pajama party today, but I knew at least three people would be there representing three different generations … me, my mom, and my daughter!

A fourth generation, my grandmother, always came to support anything I did but we lost her a little over a year ago. My daughter is six, which may be considered young to start learning about various forms of cancer, but I think that awareness is key. It is never too early to care about and support others!

Since we had on pink pajamas, complete with new pink house shoes for each of us, as well as a pink tablecloth, plates, napkins, juice, and cake, we were ready to celebrate … even if it was just the three of us!

My neighbor showed up in her pajamas with a bag full of pink goodies … crowns, glow sticks, glasses, magic wand, and even a pink boa! She was ready for us all to show support and even play dress-up!

Another friend and her daughter showed up … wearing pink! Our daughters both had on the same pink house shoes! After grabbing a few treats, the girls rushed upstairs to play!

Part of showing support involves just doing the things that come naturally!

While the girls were upstairs, we had a great time just sitting around the snack table talking, laughing, and telling stories! My mom and I both knew the other two ladies, but they did not meet until today … although after a few minutes, it was like we all had known each other forever!

After the girls came back down and enjoyed some pink and purple cake, then we all played dress-up and took lots of pictures! It was a time to celebrate just being us and supporting each other!

The fact that we all had on pink and pajamas made it even better!


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