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Barbara Phillips lives in Hamilton, Ohio with her husband Dennis, and their two children, Benjamin and Elizabeth. Barbara currently teaches second grade at Monroe Primary. She believes WONDER “can inspire children of all ages to become engaged in learning. Children, by nature, are curious about their world and environment. By engaging children of all ages to explore their curiosity, they are on the path to becoming a life-long learner.”

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Oct 29, 2012

Using Wonderopolis for a Spook-tacular Writing Workshop Lesson

Writing workshop is well under way in my second grade classroom.  Recently, our mini-lessons have centered around "word choice", and "showing, not ...


Oct 27, 2012

How Far Will a Paper Airplane Fly?

I'm not exactly sure how the topic of paper airplanes came up in our second grade classroom, but when it did my students wanted to know if there was ...


Oct 18, 2012

Using Wonderopolis to Help Teach Graphing

In second grade, graphing is a math unit we get to later in the school year.  I've chosen to use two Wonders of the Day as a way to introduce, give ...


Oct 14, 2012

Discussing Wonders via Skype

Last week, my class was fortunate to connect with Mrs. Rosenquist's 2nd grade class on Long Island in New York.  Each class took a few minutes to ...


Oct 6, 2012

Meeting Todd Parr via Skype

A little over a week ago, the second grade students at our school had the honor of meeting children's author and illustrator, Todd Parr via Skype. ...


Oct 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wonderopolis!

Today, Wonderopolis celebrates its second birthday.  As I began planning a little celebration in my classroom for the milestone, I began ...