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Barbara Phillips lives in Hamilton, Ohio with her husband Dennis, and their two children, Benjamin and Elizabeth. Barbara currently teaches second grade at Monroe Primary. She believes WONDER “can inspire children of all ages to become engaged in learning. Children, by nature, are curious about their world and environment. By engaging children of all ages to explore their curiosity, they are on the path to becoming a life-long learner.”

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Dec 21, 2012

Candle Making

Each year when the holidays roll around, I begin thinking of a craft my students can make to give their parents for Christmas.  This year I decided ...


Dec 15, 2012

Using Wonderopolis to Help Teach Main Idea

Wonderopolis has some great holiday seasonal Wonders to read and share with students and families. One of those Wonders I shared this week with ...


Dec 1, 2012

Holiday Seasonal Wonders to Share and Ideas for Using Them

As I turned the page of my calendar this morning, I began thinking about all of the Wonders of the Day at Wonderopolis that I want to share with my ...