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Barbara Phillips lives in Hamilton, Ohio with her husband Dennis, and their two children, Benjamin and Elizabeth. Barbara currently teaches second grade at Monroe Primary. She believes WONDER “can inspire children of all ages to become engaged in learning. Children, by nature, are curious about their world and environment. By engaging children of all ages to explore their curiosity, they are on the path to becoming a life-long learner.”

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Oct 27, 2013

November #WonderChat

In celebration of Family Literacy month, we are excited to have Peter H. Reynolds as a special guest host for the ...


Oct 26, 2013

Wonder Literacy Bags

I noticed last year that I had lots of nonfiction books and magazines that really were not being read or even looked at during reading workshop.  I ...


Oct 6, 2013

Wonders to Use With Writing Workshop

Below are Wonders from Wonderopolis that will support different kinds of writing you may do in your classroom.  Some of the Wonders could be used as ...


Sep 26, 2013

Wonders to Share in October

Here is a list of "holidays" and Wonders from Wonderopolis that you may want share and use in your classroom during the month of October.National ...


Aug 28, 2013

Wonders to Share in September

Below is a list of "holidays" and Wonders from Wonderopolis for the month of September that you may want to use in your classroom.  If you are ...


Aug 26, 2013

September 2013 #WonderChat

Mark your calendars for Wonderopolis #WonderChat Monday, September 2nd at 8:00 PM EST.  The first Twitter chat of the 2013-2014 school year will ...


Aug 8, 2013

Wonders and Books About Reading and Books

August 9th is Book Lover's Day.  Below are reading and book related Wonders at Wonderopolis and my ten favorite picture books about reading and ...


Aug 7, 2013

Using Wonderopolis To Help Teach Figurative Language

I've used Wonderopolis in my 2nd grade classroom to help introduce and teach different types of figurative language.  Below are the Wonders and ...


Jul 29, 2013

Wonders To Start the School Year

Wonderopolis is a great resource to use in and out of the classroom.  Whether you use it daily, weekly, monthly or on special occasions, kids enjoy ...