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Delsia Malone

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I am a 22 year veteran educator with 14 years as a school level administrator. I pride myself on being a lifelong learner. I am an advocate for students, public education and technology across the curriculum. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. I serve as an External Review Team member for AdvancEd, and participate in several professional organizations to network and to grow as an educator. I am married to Steve. We are parents of two daughters and a son, Desalyn, Ebony, and DJ. I enjoy traveling, spending time with family, crafts and sewing, wondering, and reading!

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Apr 30, 2016

Dorm Life

Our 18 year old daughter, Ebony, has completed her first year of college. It seems like yesterday that we moved her from the safe and comfort of the ...


Apr 30, 2016

Family Literacy

Can kids teach parents something new? Yes, I say. We are empowering the students each day to create with and engage their parents at home. Families ...


Apr 27, 2016

Family Literacy Night

Tonight, our school held a Family Literacy event. We had a great turnout of parents, students and teachers. As parents signed our guest roster, they ...


Apr 18, 2016

Incorporating Poetry

During the #WonderChat this month, I learned so many new and invigorating ideas for incorporating poetry with students. I was so inspired by the chat ...


Apr 12, 2016

Hey Car

It is #NationalPoetryMonth. In celebration of poetry, I wrote this poem. I was inspired when I saw the 55 miles per hour speed limit sign during ...


Apr 3, 2016

Family Fun!

Spring has sprung and it is a season of rebirth. The trees are blooming, kids are playing outdoors more, daylight hours are lasting longer, the ...