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Jennifer McDonough

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In 2004, I heard Georgia Heard present a keynote speech on how to use wonder to increase engagement in student learning and that is where my wonder journey began. In 2009, my co-author Georgia Heard and I, published A Place for Wonder: Reading and Writing Nonfiction in the Primary Grades through Stenhouse Publishers. I now not only use wonder and inquiry to engage students in my own classroom, but travel around the country presenting to educators on ways to engage students in their classrooms. When I am not listening to the unique and often hysterical wonders of the students in my classroom, I am doing the same with my ten year old son Will and his five year old sister Caroline. My husband Brian and I love to spend our time at the beach, watching our son play baseball and our daughter dance and play the piano. When I am not blogging for Wonderopolis, you can find me reading a good book, eating chocolate and then training for half marathons to atone for the chocolate eating scandalous behavior. I am so excited to begin this adventure with Wonderopolis to wonder and learn with an even bigger audience. Here’s to keeping kids “wonder-full!” Let’s begin this wonder journey together.

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Oct 23, 2016

Yearlong Classroom Wonder

This summer I presented with Georgia Heard, author and educator extraordinaire. We were presenting on the importance of wonder and inquiry in the ...


Oct 23, 2016

Becoming a Lead Wonderer

I recently saw a teacher on Twitter whose profile stated, among other fantastic things, that she was the “Lead Learner” in room such and such. ...


Oct 19, 2016

The Power of Observational Walks for Writers

To be a writer, means to live with your senses wide open as you notice and explore the world around you. Less and less schools are becoming a ...


Jul 18, 2016

Creating a Wonder House

The Wonder HouseAlthough I have my own great ideas and intentions, most of the time I find that the best ideas come from the students themselves. ...


Jun 30, 2016

A Place for Wonder: Creating Wonder Walls

We all know that feeling when we are knee deep in a lesson, most everyone is engaged and you call on that one student whose hand is eagerly raised ...


May 11, 2016

Discovery Table

The first graders were getting ready to line up to go back to the classroom after recess when Blake ran up to me! In his sweaty hand, he had a piece ...


Apr 30, 2016

Observation Window

Creating an observation window is a simple way to start transforming your classroom into a place for wonder. I simply took bulletin board border and ...


Mar 20, 2016

Jen McDonough

Jen McDonough has been teaching and wondering with kindergarten and first graders for the past sixteen years at The Benjamin School in North Palm ...


Mar 20, 2016

Creating a Wonder Environment

To begin a journey of wonder with your students, you first need to create a "wonder" classroom environment that fosters and promotes inquiry and ...