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Jon Fines is a kindergarten teacher at Cold Springs Elementary in Missoula, Montana. When he’s not leading his troop of kindergarteners on wonder adventures, Jon spends time with his wife Misti, and their two sons Jack and Maron. Jon believes “Wondering is in all of us – young and old. If we keep kids wondering in education, their imagination and inquisitiveness will guide them to new learning opportunities. Not only will they continue to wonder, but they will be motivated to seek out answers on their own.”

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Nov 28, 2012

Meeting New Wonder-friends

Last week my kindergarteners were treated to a special visit from Wonderopolis Ambassador Barbara Phillips and her 2nd grade class from Hamilton, ...


Nov 14, 2012

School - Home - School

We've been in school for 51 days. We are still learning how to "do school".  I still forget just how young they are - little sponges soaking things ...