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Maria is a 5th grade teacher at Bailey Elementary in Dublin, Ohio. She lives in Ostrander with her husband Tom, and is the proud mother of Anna, a senior at Bowling Green State University, and Marcus, a freshman at Otterbein in Westerville. Maria believes that “Wonderopolis allows for students of all ages, along with their families, to begin to wonder every day.” She has found through her experiences in the classroom, if she opens the door to WONDER, students will continue conversations throughout the school day, at home, as well as extend their learning through further research.

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Oct 25, 2012

Math Buddies Are WONDERful!

 One of my goals this year is to focus on "rich" math  problems.  We are discussing rich problems during my math professional development (PD) ...


Oct 18, 2012

Which Way is North?

My teammate, Sarah and I start our Social Studies unit the first week of  school for two reasons: one because we miss each other when the wall is ...