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Melissa Edwards wears many hats in K-5 reading and as an instructional technologist for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, and is well known for her ability to find and share resources! She lives in Kernersville, North Carolina with her husband, Neil, and their daughter Madalyn. When reflecting on how WONDER inspires the Edwards family, Melissa says, “As parents, we want to develop, support and encourage creativity and critical thinking skills in our daughter using art, music, books, games, drama, technology, sports and whatever is needed to accomplish those goals. Wondering together by asking questions and searching for answers fits perfectly with that!”

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Nov 28, 2012

Calling All Learning a Wonder

A conversation from this afternoon:Me: When I say Wonderopolis, what do you think of?Madalyn: WondersMe: Which wonders?Madalyn: Why you need to wear ...


Nov 3, 2012

Are You Celebrating This Month?

We wonder what is your favorite type of book? I am a big fan of picture books for children or all ages (even adults)!According to ...